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Artist Statement

Inspired by happy accidents, beautiful encounters and poetry, I see in the technique of collage an unparalleled tool making possible the association between figuration and abstraction, generating unusual narratives. This process liberates me from the norms and restrictions of my own imagination, opening up new possibilities beyond logic.

My artworks document the journey of different sources of material, from their creation to their surprising but harmonious coexistence on the paper as drawings in chalk pastels and charcoal. Paper is an essential component of my practice as it acts both as the support and the subject. Mimicking the shadow, transparency or tears of a piece of paper generates a “trompe-l’oeil” effect that allows me to play with perceptions. This way, I engage the viewer into a reflection about the nature of the images used and the relationship between them. Because the formal aspect of the work is the focus of my discourse, I am in a constant search for form, colour, texture and pattern. By making otherwise figurative imagery abstract, I invite the viewer to slow down, dig into his unconscious for familiar sensations or memories and, ultimately, find beauty in the everyday, the ordinary.