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Artist Statement

It is guided by chance and happy accidents that I collect image fragments and cut them, tear them, fold them, transform them. By meticulously assembling the paper pieces together, I create surprising compositions surpassing the limits of my own imagination, leading to a poetic elsewhere where one can navigate between the logic and the illogic, the recognizable and the unknown, the comfort and the discomfort. My drawings thus narrate, through an abstract language, the momentary and unusual encounters of images, freezing these futile instants in time. The fragile and delicate essence of these arrangements is emphasized by the medium of soft pastels that brings them to life.

Acting both as the support and the subject matter, paper is here celebrated. By imitating its shadows, transparency or tears, I generate a “trompe-l’oeil” effect that allows me to engage the viewer into a reflection about the nature of the images and the relationship between them. My drawings therefore become a clear invitation to slow down in order to rediscover the everyday and find beauty in the ordinary, the banal.