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Artist Statement

Guided by chance and happy accidents, I collect image fragments to cut them, tear them, fold them, and ultimately transform them. By meticulously assembling the paper pieces together, I create surprising compositions that surpass the limits of my own imagination. Each composition becomes a space—a poetic elsewhere that envelopes me—where I can navigate between logic and illogic, familiar and unknown, comfort and discomfort. Not unlike the Automatists, I value the spontaneity, the unpredictability, and the freedom that derives from the research phase of my practice. The resulting drawings use an abstract language to narrate the momentary and unusual encounters of images, freezing these futile instants in time.   

When drawn with soft pastels, my compositions move from the real and tangible world into an illusionary one, thereby questioning the authenticity of the image. This play of perception, generated by the realistic rendition of my drawings, aims to stimulate the viewer’s mindfulness. In a chaotic era that promotes speed and ceaseless productivity, it becomes my mission to create meditative spaces where it is possible to stop and live in the present. My work advocates for deliberately looking, rather than passively seeing. Intentionally ambiguous, abstract or even incomplete, my images invite the viewer to interpret—with a new perspective—the constant flow of information to which our consumerist society exposes us. Due to its delicacy and sensitivity, the medium of soft pastels contributes to an intimate experience with one’s gaze, encouraging the viewer to rediscover the everyday, and to reveal beauty in the ordinary and banal.